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Main Information

The Open Web .info is a website aiming to provide open information for the benefit of society and the environment.
Content is split between licenses but overall aims towards moving towards open source and the public domain.
User contributions are welcome, and data linking is a focus of The Open Web service.


Our services:
Noticeable apps that we provide include: Home Page, Data Converter, The Open Web Client, Resume Maker.
Enterprise/business services can be checked from our business homepage: The Open Web JP

Open Source Contributions:
We have a policy of contributing to Open Source.
Our open source code can be found on Github and npm.

Unlike many other websites for good purposes, monetization is not seen as a negative thing, instead seen as part of society, and being able to monetize services that benefit society and the environment is seen as a means to promote services that help. For this reason, varying monetization methods may be in use.
Careful consideration will be taken when deciding upon monetization methods.
Currently the following monetization methods are utilized: Advertisements.

Donations are scheduled to be accepted in the future.
In return for donations, name attribution, backlinks, and prioritized feedback handling are offered.


※There is a problem with your service. I have feedback or a suggestion. Where should I report to?
> Please send any bug and other feedback to here: Contact Us.

Translations are fully or partially missing for product XXX in language XXX.
> Please feel free to send a request so we can prioritize translations. Some languages are not prioritized so may only be added or focused on by user-created translations. We are grateful for any user contributions, please feel free to get in touch for any contributions. Attribution and link backs are offered in return for contributions.

I would like to submit my app or data. What should I do?
> Please check the Submission Guide.

Your service does not work in my environment.
> Please provide the details of your environment: URL. Browser name, version. OS name, version.
> Please provide any details of issue: What is displayed. Any displayed or logged errors.
> ※Support is prioritized for newer environments(Unprioritized: IE, Old versions of browsers and OS.) and open source friendly environments(Unprioritized: Mac, iOS, other closed platforms.).

What level of security do you provide:
> SSL(https) only. http requests redirect to https.
> Updated versions of platforms/libraries(PHP: 7.*.*. Wordpress: updated regularly)
> Strict restrictions on user content.
> Strict restrictions on permissions.

Submission Guide

The Open Web is focused on providing access to open source, decentralized, and small-creator services and data.
In addition to providing our own services and data that meet these criteria, we also look for and share and provide access to those from the general community.
Users are welcome to submit their own content for sharing on this service.
Currently, the following content can be considered for being featured on this site:

Links and references:
Web Apps, downloadable native apps(Android and iOS), data(JSON, xml, yaml, ...)

Web Apps, data(JSON, xml, yaml, ...)

Link and Reference Content Rules:
- No banned content(Illegal, Pornographic, Violent, Problematic) . However, under certain circumstances, may be less strict due to not hosting.
- Other "Publishing Content Rules" will also be considered, but are much less strict.
Publishing Content Rules:
- No banned content(Illegal, Pornographic, Violent, Problematic)
- No insecurities(Executables(PHP, Shell, exe, etc.))
- No low performance(Large file sizes(Please minimize), incomplete, slow, bad audio, bad visual)
- No other confidential(The following for other people/businesses: Personal or business secrets or contact/secret information)
- ※Following will be prioritized: UK, Japan, English and Japanese, OSS, well-designed, popular.

Submission Process:
- Name: Official name(Within 100 characters. Ideally less than 30.).
- Description: Small description(Around 300 characters).
- License: If non-open-source, "UNLICENSED". Otherwise, the license used.
- Author
- Content: External OR zip file(.zip OR .7z)
※Until an official form is prepared, please submit via our business contact form. Please send external links instead of file data.
Fill in and submit form

Please feel free to contact us for further information, requests, etc.
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