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  • Tax-calculator version: 1.0.0-alpha Released - Tax Calculator alpha release Tax Calculator has been released under the initial α(alpha) version. https://theopenweb.info/app/tax-calculator Introduction This application aims to provide taxation and related calculation services in an efficient and fair way. Similar applications have tended to focus on being protective and so difficult to import/export from/to and link with. This has been an issue […]
  • Home-page version: 1.0.4 Released - Home-page version: 1.0.4 Released # Features Documentation Improved naming Added websites Home-page # Changelog ## [1.0.4] – 2021-06-21 ### Added – Documentation ### Changed – Improved naming – Added websites
  • Data converter version: 1.0.0-beta released - Data converter version 1.0.0-beta released: https://theopenweb.info/app/data-converter Share conversions by URL When conversions are made, the URL is automatically updated to represent the latest conversion.URLs can then be copied and shared OR bookmarked for later use.※Values are currently not included in conversions but may be added in the future. Improved input formatters The following input formatters […]