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  • Home-page version: 1.0.4 Released - Home-page version: 1.0.4 Released # Features Documentation Improved naming Added websites Home-page # Changelog ## [1.0.4] – 2021-06-21 ### Added – Documentation ### Changed – Improved naming – Added websites
  • Data converter version: 1.0.0-beta released - Data converter version 1.0.0-beta released: https://theopenweb.info/app/data-converter Share conversions by URL When conversions are made, the URL is automatically updated to represent the latest conversion.URLs can then be copied and shared OR bookmarked for later use.※Values are currently not included in conversions but may be added in the future. Improved input formatters The following input formatters […]
  • The Open Web language and region policy - Languages: The Open Web is focused around services related to Japan and the UK.Due to this, the main languages used are and will continue to be English and Japanese.From hereon, announcements will mainly be done in both English and Japanese at appropriate times for audiences of those languages and related regions.British English will be prioritized. […]