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  • IFrame src is not updating when frame URL changes. Why does this happen? - Recently, I have been using Bard quite a lot because it has proven to be quite helpful. This time it was so much better than searching Google and DuckDuckGo that I decided to share it in a post for everybody’s reference. When the URL of an iframe is changed within the iframe, the iframe element’s […]
  • Home Page mobile square Home Page v1.1.0 – Start page web application released! PWA, search filtering, state, and more! - Version 1.1.0 of the start page web application “Home Page” has been released. This release adds some new features, and many improvements. Please check it out at the following link: https://theopenweb.info/apps/home-page Documentation Localized documentation has been added to the web app to provide information on all the new and existing features. Check out the documentation […]
  • Edge Settings privacy search and services Address bar and search Manage search engines Add search engine How to add search engines to your browser - Adding search engines to your browser Search engines can generally be added to browsers in similar ways through their settings page.Programmatic availability generally does not exist. If it does, and it is not shown below, please share the information with us.For per browser differences, see below. ※ Home-page is used on this page as an […]