The Open Web language and region policy


The Open Web is focused around services related to Japan and the UK.
Due to this, the main languages used are and will continue to be English and Japanese.
From hereon, announcements will mainly be done in both English and Japanese at appropriate times for audiences of those languages and related regions.
British English will be prioritized. However, in certain circumstances regional English may be used where appropriate OR American English may be used where common(for example, programming related topics.).
Services will also be provided in both Japanese and English. If a whole or part of a language is not available, please feel free to request it be provided.


Other languages may be provided for services and important help. For other less important areas, translations will generally not be provided, excluding any user-created translations.
The ability to share user-created translations will be prioritized and allowed generally for any language as long as a reliable quality check system can be prepared.
If you have any questions or want to help with translations, please feel free to enquire.


Due to the location of The Open Web business, services will often focus on the Kansai region, Osaka prefecture, Sakai city areas.
Services related to the UK are also a priority, and any services that deal with both Japan and the UK will be further prioritized.
Areas outside of Japan and the UK are to be treated as low priority at least for the time being. However, expansion of existing products into other regions especially where profitable would be happily considered.