How to parse the datetime format used on lines in phperror.log?

The following was returned using Bard AI. It provided a good response, so I am sharing below:

Prompt used: “For the $format argument used in DateTime::createFromFormat of PHP, what format should I use to parse “10-Sep-2023 00:13:12 UTC”?”.

The following format can be used to parse the string 10-Sep-2023 00:13:12 UTC using the DateTime::createFromFormat function in PHP:

$format = 'd-M-Y H:i:s T';

This format specifies the following:

  • d: The day of the month, as a two-digit number.
  • M: The month, as a three-letter abbreviation.
  • Y: The year, as a four-digit number.
  • H: The hour, as a two-digit number in 24-hour format.
  • i: The minute, as a two-digit number.
  • s: The second, as a two-digit number.
  • T: The time zone, as a single-letter abbreviation.

In this case, the time zone is UTC, which is the Coordinated Universal Time.

To parse the string 10-Sep-2023 00:13:12 UTC, we can use the following code:

$dateTime = DateTime::createFromFormat($format, '10-Sep-2023 00:13:12 UTC');
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This will create a DateTime object representing the specified date and time in UTC.

We can then use the DateTime object to get the individual components of the date and time, or to perform other operations, such as formatting the date and time in a different format.