Home Page v1.1.0 – Start page web application released! PWA, search filtering, state, and more!

Version 1.1.0 of the start page web application “Home Page” has been released.

This release adds some new features, and many improvements.
Please check it out at the following link: https://theopenweb.info/apps/home-page


Localized documentation has been added to the web app to provide information on all the new and existing features. Check out the documentation here: https://theopenweb.info/apps/home-page/doc/i18n/en/index.html

Localization & Filtering

Localization of websites and UI has been added.
※ Some areas are still lacking translations. They will be translated over time.

Filtering websites by locale, region, and keyword is now supported.



Saving, loading, exporting are supported now, with many file formats being supported.
※ If there is a file format you think should be supported, please send a message.



Themes for styling the UI is now supported.
Themes can be added by file input.



## [1.1.0] – 2022-06-06

### Added

  • Filter by locale of website.
  • Filter by region.
  • Filter by keyword.
  • !bang aliases for searching.
  • File loading by file input or drag and drop: Chrome Search Engine Config, Firefox bookmarks with search parameters, Images, Open Search, Storable State, themes.
  • Change theme.
  • State handling: Export, reset, save, load.
  • Add search target from UI.
  • Many new websites.

### Changed

  • Improved UI.
  • Improved documentation.
  • Improved website logic.

## [1.1.1] – 2022-06-06

### Changed

  • Bug fixes

Further Information

Please provide any feedback or suggestions, and if you know of a website that should be added, please consider sharing it with us: https://theopenweb.jp#contact