Data converter version: 1.0.3-beta released

Data converter version 1.0.3-beta released:


File upload bugs and additions have been made, including the ability to display common files such as images in outputs.

JSDoc conversions have been improved to work better on objects.

Multiple File & Zip Downloads

Downloading multiple files is now possible from the output node.
This includes downloading multiple individual files and downloading a single ZIP file with multiple files inside.

Added Conversions

Many new conversions have been added including URL and CSS encoding and decoding, EML/JSON E-mail, FormData and query strings, colour (HSL, RGB, HWB, VGA, etc.), Morse code and Roman numerals.

Added Inputters

Inputting data using JSON strings, Objects, and arrays is now possible.
The JSON string and Object inputters are especially useful due to using an embedded code editor.

Mime Type Auto Guessing

Mime types are now inferred from files, allowing for better auto-suggesting of conversions.


  • Multiple file download
  • Zip file download
  • Mime Type auto guessing
  • URL and CSS encode/decode conversions
  • Email EML and JSON conversions
  • Improved JSDoc conversions
  • Object to HTML and Vue component conversions
  • FormData and Query String conversions
  • Colour conversions: HSL, RGB, HWB, VGA, HTML Colours.
  • Other functions: Morse Code, Roman numerals, …
  • Additional inputters: JSON and Object editors, Array.