QR Code generator version: 1.0.0 Released

QR Code generator version 1.0.0 released.


  • QR Code generation.
  • Specify background and foreground square colours.
  • Share current QR Code control URL.
  • Share current QR Code URL.
  • Download QR Code as image.
  • Use in iframe.


QR Code Generation from URL

This web application offers QR Code generation from URL input, similar to many other QR Code services.
Simply add the QR Code and click the update button to generate the QR Code.
QR Code state is kept in the URL query parameters, so it is easy to share access to the current QR Code being created.


An important feature of this QR Code generator is the ability to change the colour of the QR Codes.
Both the black squares and white background can be changed to any colour of your choosing.
Sizing is currently not supported. Images are generated as PNG. These can be improved upon if enough requests are received.


Download generated images by right-click, drag & drop, or any other browser image saving method.


The main reason for the creation of this QR Code generator is the ability to link with other applications.
In addition to storing the state of the QR Code being created in the URL, it is also possible to output only the QR code and share this by URL.
This provides the ability to embed QR codes in other web pages using IFrames.

<iframe src="https://theopenweb.info/app/qr-code-generator?qrcode-only" style="width: 155px;"></iframe>

The service can be found at the URL below:

Please feel free to send your requests for improvements at https://theopenweb.jp#contact