Data converter version: 1.0.0-beta released

Data converter version 1.0.0-beta released:

Share conversions by URL

When conversions are made, the URL is automatically updated to represent the latest conversion.
URLs can then be copied and shared OR bookmarked for later use.
※ Values are currently not included in conversions, but may be added in the future.

Improved input formatters

The following input formatters have been added:

  • Photo: Take a photo from your web camera.
  • Microphone: Obtain audio from your microphone.
  • Mediastream: Obtains a stream using the best available method.
  • Camera: Obtain video from your web camera.
  • date: Date input in format YYYY-MM-DD.
  • textarea: Multi-line text input.
  • HTMLCanvasElement: Now with free drawing brush.
  • eval and variable: Currently being test-implemented. Changes may be made to these in the future.

Proper file conversions

File input conversions using File input formatter and types with mime types have been implemented.
For example, image/jpeg input can be used for inputting images.
More will be added in the future.
Outputting files can be done by setting the output node types field to File.

Better outputs

  • Conversions to Elements can now be displayed directly in output nodes.
  • The last display output is outputted in the output node at the top.
  • More accurate mime type and extensions for file outputs.
  • Last output is stored in variable for usage in variable and eval input formatters.

Multilingual support

  • Currently, English and Japanese support has been added.
  • Translations are currently for the UI only, not for actual conversion names, etc.
  • If you want to request or help with a translation, please contact us:

Added conversions

Some examples of added conversions:

  • date ⇒ various date formats
  • HTMLCanvasElement ⇒ image
  • MediaStreamHTMLVideoElement
  • Fixes to measurement units to allow all permutations (lengths, areas, volumes, etc.)


  • Querying in format ?q=[WORD1] [...] [WORDN] [FROM]>[TO]
  • GET parameters for sharing and reusing.
  • Improved UI
  • Error and bug fixes
  • Improved input formatters
  • Removed impossible inputs
  • Allowed for proper file input and output
  • Allowed for Element output display
  • Added conversions
  • Multilingual support (Japanese)

Data Converter Initial α Version Conversions

Data Converter has been released with many simple initial conversions.
Many more, especially, complex functions will be added in future versions.
At this point, I would like to introduce the kinds of conversions already added.

DOM Element conversions

DOM Elements are HTML elements used in HTML web pages.

Casting conversions

Casting is converting from one type to another.
For example, text is known as the “string” type.
Casting conversions can generally be done by using “Format” to choose the input format.
Cast conversions without using “Format” will generally be supported in the future.
Common cast conversions include: Date ⇒ String, String ⇒ Number, Boolean ⇒ String, etc.

Japanese conversions

Different types of text and language conversions will be added over time, but for now some important Japanese conversions have been provided.
Japanese number to number conversions are possible. For example, 十三 ⇒ 13.
Japanese to Braille conversions are also possible. For example, こんにちは ⇒ “⠪⠴⠇⠗⠥”.

Measurement unit conversions

Many unit conversions have been provided.
This includes common SI units and other commonly used measurement units.
Units generally use their displayed unit name. For example, grams to kilograms can be done by converting from “g” to “kg”.

Shell conversions

Command line shell display conversions are provided to easily convert between shell input/outputs and commonly used input/outputs elsewhere.
For example, multi-line and single-line conversions, and “$ command” to actual inputtable commands.

A large number of additions to the above conversion types, and completely new conversion types, will be added in future versions.

Please try it out at the link below.

Introducing Data Converter

Data Converter is a web application for converting from one format to another.
It is currently in α(alpha) stage which means there are occasional issues and functionality is prioritized over UI/UX.
The goal of this project is to provide a mechanism for easily converting from one format to another, without the difficulty of searching for the correct type or, converting multiple times to get to the desired format.

Features of this project(some in progress):

  • Utilizes client(in browser) conversions where appropriate.
  • File and user input conversions.
  • Node functionality for complex multi-step conversions.
  • Large number of varying conversions.
  • Output history for easy copying of multiple calculation results.
  • API linking.

Similar competitor services do exist, but they often only provide slow server-side only conversions and are limited to a few conversions of file formats.
This project converts arbitrary data so in addition to file conversions, can also convert from user input or even in page elements.

Additional functionality and fixes will be provided in future versions.

Please try it out at the link below.

If you have any feedback please feel free to get in contact.

Data converter version: 1.0.0-alpha released

Data Converter version 1.0.0-alpha Released

# Features

Data converter released in alpha version.
Features many conversions, input and output formats.
※ Due to alpha stage, bugs may be encountered.
Data Converter

# Changelog

## [1.0.0-alpha] – 2021-01-24

### Added

– Convert between different formats.
– Load text, file, other
– Output or download